Tunstall Beavers, Cubs, Scouts


Each member is asked to pay a membership fee and this is collected termly in January< May an September. We also run a Gift Aid declaration scheme for the payment of fees which allows the Group as a charity to recover the tax paid by the members parents. The fee year runs from April to March with the tax year

This subscription covers things such as:

Equipment Maintenance
HQ Maintenance
Fees to the Scout Association
Utility Bills


The Committee have set the membership fee of each member of the Group at £39.00 per term (ie £117.00 per year). Last year fees of £117.00)


We have a gift aid scheme for reclaiming the tax on fees. This means that the group can reclaim money from the Inland Revenue if you wish us to collect this money please contact your section leader for more information.


  • The declaration covers you until your child leaves the group.
  • There are no other forms to complete

As a Group we are aware that there may be times when fees are hard to find. Please, if you do find yourself in this position, talk either to your section leader or to Angela Travers.